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Buckley Barlow
Buckley Barlow

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Greg Mercer

012: The Season Finale of The Digital Commerce Series with Buckley Barlow

It’s been an amazing second season on the podcast! We’ve had some incredible guests who have taken the time to share their knowledge about all things digital commerce. I know I’ve learned a lot, and I hope you have, too.

011: Greg Mercer, Creator Of JungleScout, Explains How To Use Data To Increase Profits On Amazon Sales

If you’re an Amazon seller – or want to become one – you need to use JungleScout. It’s an amazing research tool for Amazon sellers, and we’ve got founder Greg Mercer here to explain how it can help you, as well as how he recommends breaking into the FBA business.


Interested in a 40% improvement in conversions? Tune in to this week’s episode where FastSpring CEO Chris Lueck explains the connection between shopping carts, user experience, and the enhanced e-commerce data you’re probably not taking advantage of in Google Analytics.

009: Use Your Customer Data To Convert Like Crazy With Justin Christianson

If you want to learn how to convert like crazy, you need to listen to Justin Christianson, co-founder and president of Conversion Fanatics – and the best-selling author of Conversion Fanatic: How to Double Your Customer Sales and Profits with A/B Testing.

008: How To Go From $0 To $40,000 In Amazon Sales In 90 Days With Scott Voelker

If you’ve ever thought about selling a physical product on Amazon, you can’t miss this episode, because Scott Voelker of the Amazing Seller Podcast will tell you everything you need to know.


Online education is hot! If you’re not currently marketing some sort of course, you’re leaving money on the table. Greg Smith of Thinkific is here to show you how you can build, market, and sell your own course – and it’s easier than you think.

006: How to Crush It In Content Marketing No Matter What You’re Trying To Sell With Gleb Budman

A strategic approach to content marketing paid off big time for Gleb Budman and Backblaze. Learn what they did – and how you can drive user engagement with the same strategy.

005: Is Your Shopping Cart Driving Your Customers Away? With Brian Moran

Is your shopping cart actually driving potential customers away? Brian Moran tells you why it might be – and shares the seven elements of a shopping cart page that are proven to 3x sales for his clients.

004: How To Design Your App For Growth With Gili Golander

If you have – or plan to have – a mobile app, do you know the one thing you can do that will cost you almost nothing and will skyrocket your downloads? Tune it to this week’s episode to hear all about it.

003: How An SEO Expert Builds An Ecommerce Site

Nick Eubanks is here again to take Insiders deep into the world of SEO. Today he’s talking about the strategies and tactics he uses for his own 8-figure business, and he has practical tips you won’t find anywhere else.

002: How Ranking For A Single Keyword Could Add $100,000 To Your Bottom Line With Nick Eubanks

Curious about the SEO tools experts use – and how they use them? Nick Eubanks of SEOauv.com has lots of detailed information for Insiders – including the 3-step SEO formula he used to sell his own blog for $100,000.

001: The Digital Commerce Series With Buckley Barlow

Welcome to the Season Premiere of In the Know: The Digital Commerce Series, with the information you need to boost your sales, make more money, and grow your business.

023: Season Finale

Can you believe that the Marketing In the Know podcast is four months old? Check out the season finale, find out what free gifts I have for you, and enjoy a special preview of what’s coming up next season.

022: Tom Tancredi

Back in 2009 when the iPhone was still new and the App Store was in its infancy, Tom Tancredi took a huge risk and set out to be an innovator in mobile and web. Fortunately, the gamble paid off, and his company has enjoyed 1200% growth — and a spot on the INC 500 Fastest Growing Company list two years in a row.

021: Blake Modersitzki

Looking for funding for your start-up? VC Blake Modersitzki has the details on what you need to know and great advice for entrepreneurs on how to grow a successful business — and you could win a one-on-one pitch session with him!

020: Nicole Kroese

LikeableLocal’s social automation tool means that even if you’re not a social media expert, you can take advantage of consistent word-of-mouth marketing – and use the data you collect to make intelligent business decisions to drive revenues.

019: Neil Patel

Curious about the biggest mistake most people make in blogging? Neil Patel shares the tactics he uses to bring in millions of monthly visitors – and what you can do to boost your numbers.

018: Tim Sykes

Timothy Sykes made a name for himself by turning $12,415 into $1.65M. But by shifting his focus towards education, he’s created a hyper-scalable business (currently at $15M/year) that you can learn from for your niche.

017: Tony Delmercado

Tony Delmercado thinks you’re leaving money on the table – and he’ll tell you exactly how to create the automated email sequences that’ll put that money in your pocket, where it belongs. He’s also got a special tip to keep Insiders IN THE KNOW.

016: Andrew Dumont

How do you use distribution channels effectively to boost your user base and drive revenues — even without a sales team? And how do you drive traffic to an enterprise product people don’t know exists? Andrew Dumont has answers to these questions — and more.

015: Shola Abidoye

When you grow a business 10,000 percent in a single year, you learn a few tricks along the way. Fortunately, Shola Abidoye believes in sharing her favorite tactics, strategies, and tools, so you can see exactly how she did it.

014: Noah Fleming

#1 Best Selling Author on Amazon, Noah Fleming, can tell you exactly how to recession-proof your business – plus this episode features a special giveaway for three lucky Insiders!

ITK-S1 - 013: John Warrillow

013: John Warrillow

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you probably have a vision about exiting your business one day. John Warrillow helps you truly understand – and increase – the value of your company so that you can solidify that vision of an exit into a profitable reality.

012: David Darmanin

David Darmanin, the CEO and founder of Hotjar, has driven hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for his clients. Armed with a golden eye for design and user experience, he shares valuable insights into which levers need to be pulled and why.

011: Lee Caraher

Lee has some awesome ideas about how to recruit — and retain — top talent, including a mix of millennials and older employees, so that she can work with different target markets.  And she refuses to work with jerks. Take a listen to find out why!

010: Q&A with Buckley Barlow

Why all the hoopla around “Growth Teams?” Regardless of industry type, the “Growth Team” trend is definitely here to stay!  Find out why and how this new framework is impacting the traditional marketing team!

009: Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk knows the solution to the biggest problem small business owners and digital marketers face — and he’s here to tell you how to create systems for lead generation and how to scale your business effectively.

008: Tim Paige

There are few people who stand out and above the crowd in Podcasting and even fewer who can produce webinars that deliver results. Those who do can pretty much write their own ticket — and Tim Paige’s ticket looks pretty golden right now. Tune in to learn the number one way to boost your webinar results, and the most important thing digital marketing Podcasters need to know to succeed.

007: David Heath

If you think of a job as education you’re being paid for, it changes your whole perspective. And when you create a business that focuses on doing good and giving back, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

006: Tom Schwab

As Tom states, the world and the consumer is changing.  Nobody wants to be sold anymore.  We’re all using the internet to find answers on our own and the best businesses, even e-commerce businesses have an inbound strategy driven by data.

005: Chris Seegmiller

The best in the business know how and when to pivot and Chris Seegmiller, co-founder of Miche, is no exception.  Learn how he used an unorthodox tactic during The Recession to grow an 8 figure business.

004: Eric Smith

How many people do you know who’ve built back-to-back 9-figure companies? Those people probably know a thing or two about how to build and grow a successful company, wouldn’t you say?

003: Mike Cheng

When I discovered Snip.ly, I thought it was such a cool tool that I reached out to the company. And I’m so glad I did, because it led to this fantastic conversation with Mike Cheng — which I really hope is just the first of many exchanges.

002: Joseph Grenny

If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, today I’d like to go out and change the world,” you’re certainly not alone. But today’s guest didn’t just let that thought go away. He figured out exactly what he needed to do to change the world.

001: Marketing in the Know

It’s exciting to welcome you to the very first episode of my podcast. In this episode, you’ll get to know me a little bit better, and hear what the show will generally cover in upcoming episodes.