013: A Proven Formula To Grow, Scale, and Exit Your Business With John Warrillow

You pour your heart and soul into your business. You grow and scale it, you build your user base over time. And then, when you get to a certain point, you’re ready for a new challenge, and you think it’s time to sell. That’s when you discover that the value of your business is inextricably tied up with your identity.

John Warrillow wrote Built to Sell to help entrepreneurs learn how to build a business that can survive no matter who is at the helm. His proven Value Builder System takes business owners through a carefully crafted process designed to create a business that runs smoothly – even after the original entrepreneur has exited the company.

You’ll also hear how to build your business to deliver recurring revenues via a subscription based model. Insiders who are thinking about the future will find great tips and information in this episode, so have a listen!


  • Why entrepreneurs need to focus less on P&L and more on value.
  • The critical thing consultants and freelancers can do right now to increase revenues.
  • What one specific tactic gave John the most book sales.
  • Why John recommends a masters in math over an MBA. #Analytics
  • Why John had to declare social media bankruptcy – and why his small following doesn’t worry him. #SocialMedia
  • The strategy that hasn’t helped John make sales.
  • Why John has never used SEM to build an organic following.
  • The best growth tip John has for Insiders.


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