001: Buckley Barlow

It’s exciting to welcome you to the very first episode of my podcast. In this episode, you’ll get to know me a little bit better, and hear what the show will generally cover in upcoming episodes.

My guests on the show are some of the smartest people in the marketing world. These are leading marketers, entrepreneurs, strategists, technologists, and consultants, and the goal is to get them to open up about the specific things they do to make more money for their own companies as well as for their clients. Basically, you get to hear about the very same ideas, strategies, tactics, tools, the big guys are using to get incredible results and how they grow their business  but you don’t have to pay the big consulting fees.

But I also ask them to share their missteps. Because sometimes, we can learn the most by hearing about what doesn’t work.


  • Who I am and what this podcast is about.
  • Why I consider marketing to be a jungle. #DigitalMarketing
  • Who will benefit from this podcast and the information I’m sharing.
  • How I wound up stuck at the top of a ridiculously tall tree and had to be rescued by the fire department.
  • What I did in my 20s that made my mother cry – but that changed my life and career for the better. #Startup

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