020: Get Reach On Facebook and Reduce Cost Per Conversion With Nicole Kroese

If you view social media as a necessary evil, you’re certainly not alone. Fortunately, there are ways you can make your social media marketing not just palatable, but profitable, with useful tools such as LikeableLocal.com, designed specifically for small businesses facing challenge of time constraints.

LikeableLocal’s social automation tool means that even if you’re not a social media expert, you can take advantage of consistent word-of-mouth marketing – and use the data you collect to make intelligent business decisions to drive revenues.

Nicole Kroese explains what working – and what’s not in small business social media marketing today, and how you can improve your ROI with some truly innovative strategies.


  • How to use social media marketing and data insights to grow your small business. #SocialMediaMarketing #Analytics
  • Why social automation is important for every company.
  • When you shouldn’t invest the time it would take to become an expert in a specific skill.
  • What to ask a potential outsourced social media solution provider. #Outsourcing
  • What @Nicole says is working in Facebook ads today – and what’s not. #FacebookMarketing
  • The critical element your paid ads must contain if you want customers to respond.
  • The questions to ask before you invest in a social media platform.
  • What you need to know about images you push to Facebook.
  • The strategies that work consistently to drive connections with your customers. #Engagement
  • How to fit retargeting into your marketing funnel.
  • The surprising tactic that can significantly reduce CPC.

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