005: One Extraordinary Tactical Shift = Millions In Revenue With Chris Seegmiller

Even though Chris Seegmiller can crush me with his double backhand in tennis, he’s still one of my closest friends, and having him on today’s show was a real pleasure. Chris is the co-founder of Miche, an innovative company that makes bags– purses for women – that let you switch out your bag cover and change your look completely. If there’s a woman in your life who uses a purse, or if you are a woman who uses a purse, you need to check out Miche because it’s a fantastic concept and an amazing product.

Now, Chris is a smart guy, so once he had perfected the product, he set out to market it, and he really left no stone unturned. This is a guy who turns conventional wisdom on its head, which is why he’s a great person to learn from. He knows what works – and what doesn’t, and he certainly doesn’t have a problem sharing his knowledge with all of us.

So have a listen, and be sure to let me know what you think!


  • One of @Buckley’s big regrets.
  • How Chris convinced his first investor to come on board – and why it was totally worth it to let that investor laugh at him a little.
  • The surprising initial retail channel Chris used for distribution – and what he did when that channel completely disappeared.
  • Chris’ response to the defining moment in his career – when his investor wanted to pull out and walk away. #Entrepreneurship
  • The “loss leader” Chris combined with yet another unusual distribution channel – and the profound impact it had on is bottom line.
  • How Chris used his deep understanding of his buyer persona to create a fail-proof sales channel that turned his customers into major advocates.#BuyerPersona
  • The specific tactic Chris used to go from $250,000 in revenues to $20 million in revenues in three years.
  • How Chris uses data to make smarter business decisions – and the results he’s getting.#DataDrivenMarketing
  • The primary quality Chris looks for in his hires – and the best growth advice he ever received.

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You can definitely expect to hear more from Chris and the rest of his team in the future – and I’ll keep you posted on his backhand, too. That’s a wrap – I’ll catch you next week!