004: How To Build a 9-Figure Business (Twice) With Eric Smith

How many people do you know who’ve built back-to-back 9-figure companies? Those people probably know a thing or two about how to build and grow a successful company, wouldn’t you say?

Today’s show features special guest Eric Smith, whom I’m fortunate enough to call a friend  and a mentor. A self-described “start-up guy,” Eric has never worked for a company he didn’t start. He was the co-founder and CTO of STSN, later rebranded as iBahn — which is actually the place were I got my first taste of real growth. In fact, the system for growth that I teach is rooted in the principles I learned when I worked with Eric in the 90s.

To me, one of the most amazing things about STSN and Eric’s story is that their product was accidentally developed. A throwaway comment from a hotel magnate, 8 weeks to make it to market, and sheer determination to succeed. You don’t want to miss this episode.


  • How pivoting an entire business model led Eric to incredible success.
  • The one thing that is absolutely critical to do if you want to grow your business. #GrowYourBusiness
  • What Eric says can take any company from 0 to $20M in revenues — but how that very same thing won’t help a company grow after $20M.
  • The importance of people and platforms in driving real growth. #DrivingGrowth
  • The surprisingly old-school trick Eric uses to generate interest in his companies — with huge success.
  • How Eric merges modern marketing tactics with his old-school methods to drive amazing growth. #MarketingTactics
  • Why @Buckley once slept in a Telco closet in the basement of a hotel.
  • The most important advice Eric has for anyone starting or growing a business. #BusinessAdvice #GrowYourBusiness

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I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Eric as much as I did — Eric, thanks so much for coming on! That’s a wrap — I’ll catch you next week!