008: 400 Webinars In Two Years With Tim Paige

There are few people who stand out and above the crowd in Podcasting and even fewer who can produce webinars that deliver results. Those who do can pretty much write their own ticket — and Tim Paige’s ticket looks pretty golden right now. Tune in to learn the number one way to boost your webinar results, and the most important thing digital marketing Podcasters need to know to succeed.

Tim Paige has a fantastic backstory: former rockstar gives it all up to start a family with the woman of his dreams. For his second act, he’s the host of ConversionCast and LeadPages, one of the hottest shows in the digital marketing space. This is a guy who knows nearly everything there is to know about conversion rate optimization.

With a post-rock background in sales and a keen ability to apply cutting-edge psychology to digital marketing tactics, Tim is a guy who really knows how to crush it in conversions. He out-converted Clay Collins, the CEO of LeadPages, the very first time he hosted a webinar, so if you’re looking for online marketing education, you’re in the right place!


  • What @Tim sold door-to-door before he joined LeadPages.
  • How @John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire and Podcasters’ Paradise made Tim cry.
  • How @Clay Collins, Lead Pages CEO, responded when Tim out-converted him on his first-ever webinar. #Webinars
  • How Lead Pages can generate more leads for your business. #LeadGen
  • The channel that has the potential to be your most effective way to bring in new business.
  • The giveaway that outperforms every other lead magnet – with an average 46% conversion rate across over 40,000 LeadPages customers. #LeadPages #LandingPages
  • The one thing you have to do to ensure that you get the best possible results for your business.
  • What Tim believes brings in the best Webinar results – and when it doesn’t pay to scale.
  • Who Tim thinks is the most effective Webinar presenter ever. #DigitalMarketing
  • The most endearing quality Tim looks for in Webinar hosts – and how he once made a surprising term trend on Twitter.
  • Tim’s top marketing tip for Insiders – and what he told Buckley to stop doing!


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