009: How To Build A 7-Figure Business In Eleven Months With Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk doesn’t believe in boundaries – or simply relying on referrals. First, determine where you want to go, and then work on how to get there – and don’t count on other people to bring business to you. An automated lead generation pipeline, a highly targeted niche market, and a “no” list that drives decisions are the tools Jason relies on to help other digital marketing entrepreneurs learn how to grow and scale a business.

This episode has lots of information you can put to use right away – from how to create real value to offer your customers to highly specific tips to using Periscope to grow your business. Jason also shares his surprising thoughts on search engine rankings and explains exactly how he segments his week for maximum productivity. Have a listen.



  • What happened the first time a client asked @Jason for an invoice.
  • The very first lead generation tactic Jason used back in 1999. #LeadGeneration
How Jason attacks a major pain point for many small business marketers. #smallbusiness
  • The tips Jason has for building authority in your niche and delivering a high conversion rate. #CRO
  • What happens if you target a broad market, and why small businesses have a hard time delivering value to customers. #B2BSales
  • How Jason has mastered Periscope – and how he repurposes his content for maximum impact and revenues. #Periscope
  • The steps Jason took to build a 7-figure business in 11 months.
  • The content marketing mistake Jason thinks most digital marketing professionals make – and the simple solution. #ContentMarketing
  • Why Jason embraces failure – and why he doesn’t get too excited about success.

Links and Resources

  • Check out JasonSwenk.com, Jason’s site, where you’ll find actionable tips, best practices, and fantastic advice you can use to grow your business.
  • Visit Generateleadseveryday.com, where you can find Jason’s free video course on how to generate leads every day – and convert 20% of them to opportunities and revenue.
  • Try Persicope, the live video streaming site that Jason uses to produce lots of content quickly.

How much did you take away from today’s episode? I had a great time talking with Jason, and I hope you enjoyed listening.

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