006: How to Crush It In Content Marketing No Matter What You’re Trying To Sell

You can craft a content marketing strategy that drives user engagement – and revenues – around any topic, and Gleb Budman is proof of that fact. His company, Backblaze, offers unlimited online backups for just $5 a month. Gleb freely admits that backups aren’t a sexy topic, but that’s exactly why he knows that content marketing can work for anyone.

Gleb and his team took a highly strategic approach to releasing some very cool content on their essentially unknown blog, and the work paid off with over one million visitors. And that engagement translated into the biggest month of sales the company had ever seen. You’ll get to hear exactly how they did it – and how you can use the same strategy to drive sales of your own product.

This case study is extra exciting because online backups are an intangible product. And if content marketing can drive these engagement and sales numbers for something you can’t hold in your hands, just think about what it can do for your digital commerce business.

Join us on today’s episode to hear Gleb talk you through what kind of content you should create, and how you can make the most of it to boost awareness and sales. Plus, Gleb has a special deal just for Insiders! Check out the links below for the details – and see you on the Inside!


  • How Gleb got his name.
  • Why Gleb decided to give away his secret sauce – and what his wife thought when he did it. #ContentMarketing
  • The strategy @Gleb used when he published his closely held intellectual property – and how it worked. #ContentStrategy
  • Why people responded to Gleb’s post, and how effective the strategy turned out to be. #UserEngagement
  • Where Gleb gets the ideas for the content he publishes.
  • How @Backblaze has built on that success and created a true content marketing strategy.
  • What you can learn from Gleb – and how you can use his strategy to fuel your own content marketing.

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