010: How To Get Even More Free Information From Google Analytics And Use It To Drive Up Your Conversion Rate With Chris Lueck

Far too many companies are guilty of not tapping into Google Analytics the way they should. And when it comes to e-commerce, every piece of data you don’t have translates to money that’s not in your pocket. FastSpring CEO Chris Lueck shares some excellent insights into the enhanced e-commerce data you should be tapping into – and how that data can help improve conversions.

In addition, if you’re a small business selling a single product, you may be approaching your shopping cart all wrong, so listen in and see if FastSpring can help you make more sales with a few simple tweaks. For some of FastSpring’s clients, those tweaks were enough to boost conversions by 40 percent!

Chris also shares some excellent insights on instilling a data driven culture in your own company so that you can make smarter, more informed decisions and see how they affect your bottom line. You don’t want to miss out on this information, so I’ll see you on the Inside!


  • How @Chris came to be CEO of @FastSpring.
  • The surprising timing of FastSpring’s capital influx – and what that could mean for your company. #Funding
  • Who the typical FastSpring client is, and the company’s approach to e-commerce solutions. #ECommerce
  • The features you’re probably not tapping into in Google Analytics – and how that’s hurting your business. #DataScience #CRO
  • The difference between Google Analytics and Universal Analytics, and why it matters. #Analytics
  • How to create a data-driven culture in your own company.
  • The metric Chris tracks religiously. #Metrics

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