016: How To 5x Your Business Without A Sales Team With Andrew Dumont

Growing a company from nothing to $35M in annual revenues is impressive on its own. But when you do it without hiring a single sales person, people take notice. In today’s episode, Andrew Dumont talks about what made that growth possible for Moz – and what he’d recommend to anyone trying to start a company today.

But Moz isn’t the only place Andrew has worked, so you’ll also get to hear about what an Entrepreneur in Residence does, how a studio environment can help nurture startups, and how Andrew came to be and the challenge Andrew currently faces at Bitly – and how he plans to meet that challenge head on.

Andrew also shares his opinion on whether marketing and growth should be separate functions in a company, and offers the best growth tip he’s ever heard. Ready to be IN THE KNOW? Give this episode a listen!


  • How business development has changed in recent years. #BizDev
  • What Andrew recommends any new company focus on first. #Content
  • The challenge @Bitly is currently facing – and how Andrew hopes to solve it.
  • What deep linking is and how it benefits customers and businesses.
  • The tactics that Andrew believes don’t work for driving growth.
  • What skills Andrew needs in his ideal marketing hire.

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