014: Recession-Proof Your Business And Grow Your Revenues With Noah Fleming

In the middle of the Great Recession, Noah Fleming realized that neither he nor his clients were suffering the effects of the downturn. When he figured out what set them apart, he sat down and wrote Evergreen, which quickly took the number one spot on Amazon. Today Noah works with large and small companies – as well as entrepreneurs and solo professionals in online and offline markets – and teaches them how to master the art of customer loyalty.

Noah helps his clients make the critical mindset shift necessary to become truly customer focused, and he has some great ideas about how you can implement that shift in your own business. He also shares some fantastic insights on data – and the mistake that costs many companies lots of customers.

There’s also a special giveaway for 3 lucky Insiders in this episode – so be sure to listen carefully! Let’s get you IN THE KNOW!



  • How the Great Recession provided a wakeup call for @Noah.
  • Noah’s rule about data and how to determine what matters. #DataOverload
  • How many companies use social media – and what Noah does differently.
  • What one critical shift must happen before a company can truly focus on customer loyalty. #Mindset
  • Why one basic misunderstanding about customer loyalty trips up so many companies.
  • The three most important things consultants looking for growth need to know. #GrowthTips
  • The best advice Noah ever received – and how you can benefit from that advice!
  • The marketer Noah wants to hire – right away!


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