004: How to Design Your App for Growth With Gili Golander

If you have a mobile app — or you’re thinking of developing one — then you need to hear the amazing advice on today’s episode of In the Know. As part of our Digital Commerce series, we sat down with Gili Golander, CMO and cofounder of Bazaart, to find out how she got her app to hit over 3 million downloads from the iTunes store — and this is for a paid app.

You’ll hear from Gili exactly what she did to get her app, Bazaart, named as a Best of 2014 in the App Store, and you’ll discover the strategy she used to massively boost her download numbers. And this is something you can absolutely do, too — and Gili will tell you the exact steps she followed to execute on that strategy.

Gili is a UX specialist, so you’ll also get to here about the design choices that make for a great user experience. And she’ll tell you about the decision to create an MVP — that’s minimal viable product — and from there to listen carefully to user feedback to refine and create the app your users really want.

This episode is absolutely packed with practical advice you can use as you develop your own app — and the information you need if you want to see the kind of download numbers and revenues that Gili is pulling in. See you on the Inside!


  • The one thing @Gili did to set her app apart in the global market — and how she did it on a shoestring budget. #Localization
  • The smart way Gili tapped into an existing user base to boost her numbers. #GrowthHacking
  • The user base Gili regrets not tapping earlier — and how you can learn from her mistake.
  • Why Gili believes full-stack marketing skills are critical. #CMO #FullStackMarketing
  • What you can do to make your own app more discoverable. #Keywords
  • Gili’s top tips on optimizing for the App Store. #Optimization
  • The clever way Gili got the press attention she needed for her app.
  • The channel Gili tried that didn’t give her any results — and why.






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