012: Use CRO Data To Create An Amazing User Experience With David Darmanin

David Darmanin just wants to change the way sites are used. And if you think that sounds idealistic, you need to listen to the rest of what the CEO of Hotjar has to say. David taps into his strong background in conversion rate optimization and UX to create a frictionless onboarding and overall seamless user experience — and he explains how you can do the same.

David’s bold vision plays out in Hotjar’s business model — the company offers fully-featured customer support to all users, even those on the free plan. With a phenomenal user referral plan, the company managed to recruit 20,000 beta users in a very short amount of time — and beta testers who converted to paid plans are also recognized as founding members of the company.

Hotjar is a lean, agile company that responds almost immediately to user insights and feature requests, and implementing Hotjar on your own site will help you create that kind of responsive culture as well. You’ll find plenty of actionable tips here, so be sure to listen.



  • Why making the client happy isn’t always the best business strategy.
  • How too much data can sometimes be a bad thing. #BigData
  • What David set out to do when he built Hotjar.
  • Why David encourages failing quickly. #Failure
  • The one thing that, combined with a heatmap, can offer powerful customer insights. #Analytics
  • Which popular marketing tool David found ineffective.
  • How a small mismatch in site wording costs you users.
  • The tiny change one company implemented to dramatically increase signups.

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