002: How To Pivot And Grow A Successful Company With Joseph Grenny

If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, today I’d like to go out and change the world,” you’re certainly not alone. But today’s guest didn’t just let that thought go away. He figured out exactly what he needed to do to change the world.

Interviewing Joseph Grenny was a fantastic experience for me. I’ve attended his seminars, read his books, and followed his career for years, so having the opportunity to talk to him one on one was nothing short of amazing.

His success, he says, comes down to this: a company is rewarded based on the magnitude of the problems it solves. So he set out to solve the ultimate problem: how to change behavior in a positive way. And with that as his guiding principle, Joseph has taken Vital Smarts from a small consulting firm to a leading marketing education resource. He’s also become a bestselling author along the way.

I can’t wait for you to hear the wisdom that Joseph so generously shared. These are nuggets you can take to the bank, so give it a listen.


  • How to divide every company in the world into one of three problem-solving categories.
  • The two categories that deliver long term value and success — and the one that doesn’t.
  • The two major barriers to becoming a customer-centric company. #CustomerFirst
  • How business school gets it backwards — and how entrepreneurs are fixing that mistake.
  • The initial question @Joseph asked himself, and how that became the seed that grew into his hugely successful company.
  • How a simple approach to behavioral change eradicated a deadly disease — even without a cure.
  • The one thing every entrepreneur and small business absolutely must learn to do. #SocialMedia
  • What Joseph would do differently if he were starting his business today.

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Thanks again to Joseph Grenny for an amazing interview! That’s a wrap — I’ll catch you next week!