022: 1200% Growth In One Year With Tom Tancredi

Tom Tancredi and his twin brother Dominic built digital agency Dom&Tom from scratch — and they did it during the Great Recession. It definitely wasn’t easy, but with a smart combination of online and offline strategies, they landed clients including Priceline, GE, and other household names.

In this episode, Tom shares the strategies and tactics he used to grow his business quickly — and there’s plenty of new and exciting advice here for a business of any size. You’ll learn what’s worked for Tom — as well as the channels that don’t deliver results for his business.

Tom also talks us through what his company does when a client comes to them looking to expand into mobile. You’ll see how you can apply those same strategies to your own company, why it matters — and how you can do it on a shoestring budget.


  • How Tom set @DomandTom apart as an innovator in mobile and web. #MobileDev
  • The strategies Tom used to drive growth during a recession. #Recession
  • How Tom and his brother landed their first clients. #GrowthTips
  • What Tom did when he found he couldn’t get meetings with any potential clients.
  • The mistake many new companies make when trying to get new business.
  • How Tom uses content creation strategies to drive growth. #ContentMarketing
  • Why companies of all sizes should think about mobile development.
  • How to create a fantastic mobile user experience without spending a fortune. #UX
  • Why Tom loves to hire entrepreneurs. #Entrepreneur

I hope you learned something from today’s episode – I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with mobile. We’re nearing the end of the year – and the end of the first season of the Marketing In the Know podcast. But growth happens all year long, so connect with me on Twitter or Facebook to share your questions and experiences!

That’s a wrap, Insiders – I’ll catch you next week!