003: Content Curation And Promotion With Mike Cheng

When I discovered Snip.ly, I thought it was such a cool tool that I reached out to the company. And I’m so glad I did, because it led to this fantastic conversation with Mike Cheng — which I really hope is just the first of many exchanges.

Mike is a designer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart — and his work at Snip.ly really allows him to combine those two passions. But where Mike really excels is in understanding people. He interacts with his users daily and constantly strives to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Snip.ly is an amazing tool for content promotion that you absolutely need to know about if you’re in the marketing business. And you’ll really want to hear everything Mike has to say — I was hanging on his every word.


  • The problem the Snip.ly team identified and set out to solve.
  • How @Mike uses smart feedback loops to ensure that his product delivers what customers want. #FeedbackLoops
  • The increasingly important role of the curator in the content distribution world. #ContentCuration
  • Specific steps a new business can take to help promote specific content — including the exact tactic Mike uses for a 10% conversion rate. #ContentPromotion
  • How Snip.ly can help new businesses engage with users even without generating original content.
  • The marketing mistake made by far too many companies — and how to avoid it.

Links and Resources

  • Learn more about Snip.ly – and sign up for this amazing tool!

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I had a blast talking to Mike Cheng — and I’m looking forward to having him back on the show in the future! That’s a wrap — I’ll catch you next week!