005: Is Your Shopping Cart Driving Your Customers Away?

Digital commerce comes down to making money. If your shopping cart is actually driving potential customers away, that’s going to cut into your profits significantly. Brian Moran started SamCart because he was unhappy with the inflexibility of existing shopping carts, and he’s here to share everything he knows about getting your prospects to pay up.


You’ll hear about the 7 critical elements Brian has identified for a successful shopping cart page – and he’ll tell you how his clients have been able to 3X their sales with by using SamCart. You’ll also learn the shopping cart sins that force your customers to click away.

And by the way, Brian also happens to be the Facebook Fan Page expert – so he’s got a tip or two to share on that topic as well.

Of course, Insiders, we’re always looking out for you, so we got Brian to make a special offer just for you: a free month of SamCart, just for Insiders!  See you on the Inside.


  • How to keep your Facebook Fan Pages relevant. #FacebookMarketing
  • The ads Brian has spent $3million to buy.
  • Why people sometimes think a particular channel isn’t working – and why they might be wrong. #Audience
  • What prompted Brian to start #SamCart. #UX
  • How to optimize the hidden page on your web site. #Optimization
  • How many testimonials you need for a 22% bump in conversion. #CRO
  • The information you shouldn’t ask your customers to give you.


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