019: Content Marketing and Traffic Generation for 2016 With Neil Patel

Starting a podcast is a crazy amount of work. But it all pays off when you get to talk to the king of content, Neil Patel. He’s the guy behind QuickSprout, HelloBar, CrazyEgg, and Kissmetrics and he’s sharing his secrets for blogging success and the tactics he uses every day to drive millions of visitors to his sites.

Neil also has the scoop on what you really need to know about the ad blockers that have the content marketing industry in such a tizzy. I think you’ll be surprised by what he has to say.

I also convinced Neil to give one lucky Insider a FREE private 15 minute Skype session – just you and Neil, and you can ask him anything. This is your shot to get IN THE KNOW with all of Neil’s expertise – scroll down to get the details on how to enter!

UPDATE: This contest has ended. Congratulations to our lucky winner, Gregg McDermott!

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  • The biggest mistake content marketers make when it comes to blogging
  • What @Neil thinks about ad blockers, and how they’ll affect your data #AdBlockers
  • Where Neil sees content marketing going in the next year #ContentMarketing
  • How Neil determines whether a channel is working to drive traffic
  • What Neil thinks about new channels, including Periscope #Periscope
  • The strategy Neil uses to grow businesses via aggregators #MarketingStrategy
  • Why Neil publishes weekly on LinkedIn — and what might surprise you about the content he puts there
  • Which skills Neil thinks are critical for new hires
  • How Neil sees the roles of growth and marketing within a company #GrowthMarketing
  • The best marketing tip Neil ever heard #GrowthTips

Okay, Insiders, I know you’re excited for a chance to win the private 15-minute Skype session with The King of Content Marketing, Neil Patel.

UPDATE: This contest has ended. Stay tuned for more great giveaways, contests, and other fun things on future episodes!

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