The New Actionable Book For
Forward-Thinking, Growth-Oriented
Organizations, Teams, and Individuals,
by Buckley Barlow of In The Know.



  • Get your internal team vested
  • Convert your ideal buyer into a loyal brand advocate
  • Build a customer-first culture

  • Create a deep talent pool
  • Build data-driven processes
  • Get the proper tools & platforms

  • Implement a customer-centric model
  • Create fully-integrated teams
  • Optimize your buyer journey


  • Invent a new idea or method
  • Innovate and create significant changes
  • Improve your processes and products

You will also learn…

How to Hire For Growth:
Interview and hire growth mindset employees

Successful strategies for Inbound Marketing:
Attract more potential customers

The science behind Conversion Optimization:
Convert more potential customers to buy

How to build a Buyer-Centric Journey:
Create an amazing customer experience

A sustainable plan for Revenue Growth:
How to make more money for your business

The reality is that nowadays, forward-thinking organizations and teams are
technical, data-driven, and highly entrepreneurial based on
a customer-centric growth model called StoryVesting.


What are you imagining right now?

  • Is it a magic formula or secret algorithm for making a million dollars by next Tuesday?
  • Are you lying on the beach working an hour every other week?
  • Are you outsourcing your work to an army of people in some faraway land who will deliver top-notch quality for pennies a day, while you charge top dollar to big-name clients?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should click away right now, because The Growth Code is not for you. It’s not just another book about marketing. It’s not a get-rich-quick guide full of promises with no substance.

The Growth Code is a forward-thinking, growth-oriented blueprint for organizations, teams, and individuals on how to create a successful, sustainable modern business – any business – that is built for growth from the ground up. It has step-by-step instructions that show you exactly how to draw in more potential customers and turn them into actual customers. It is a how-to guide for taking your existing business and turning it into the kind of business that does 7 figures or more in annual revenues by following specific, detailed instructions.

Not only for small or emerging growth companies, The Growth Code is the same blueprint I use in my consulting with some of the largest and most successful brands on the planet.

Let me be clear. I can’t guarantee you that if you follow my advice, you will make $10 million next year. This is not a business plan, a business idea, or an affiliate marketing scheme. I’m not giving you a “ready made, get rich quick” storefront to set up and watch the millions roll in. (Spoiler: NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO DO THAT.) I’m not asking you to sell anything. I’m not telling you that if you buy this one special thing you will automatically make money. No, no, and no.

So what can I offer you? I can tell you that if you read this book and follow the plan I’ve detailed for you, you will grow your business. That’s easy for me to say, because I know that the information in this book – the framework I’ve explained here – works. I know it works across a variety of industries and variety of sizes. I know it works in niche markets. I know it — but you might not be so sure. I know that my system can help you grow your business — and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Okay, I’m not actually going to put money in my mouth — that’s gross — but here’s what I can do: I can offer you a money-back guarantee. Buy the book, read it, and if you think, “Well, that’s a bunch of hooey,” hey, just return it within a week, and no hard feelings. I mean, I’ll be crushed, and I’d really love to get on the phone with you for a couple of minutes to find out WHY you didn’t like it, but I won’t be mad. It’s a book – Amazon and other bookstores make the entire return process as painless as possible, and if you run into


Steve Starks
Utah Jazz & Miller Sports Properties

Buckley is a high energy positive influence on any group. While he is both strategic and analytical, he also understands the practical aspects of an issue and can maneuver artfully in executing upon a plan. I often take advantage of him as a sounding board and find his insight invaluable.”


jasonMedCircle“As a former agency owner, I know there is a major disconnect between what people learn in college versus the actual skills needed to be of value to me and our clients. In The Know accelerates that learning curve with content that’s not only relevant, it hits the learning spot again and again!”

Jason Swenk – CEO

“To be an effective marketer, entrepreneur, or contributor at any modern company, there’s a new set of skills required—a skill set that’s hard to find without great, accessible education. In The Know is tactical, thoughtful, and forward thinking and makes learning what you need to know to succeed meaningfully and affordably!”

Nicole Kroese — VP Marketing

“The difference between a good trader and a great trader boils down to education and training. The same can be said about anyone who is tasked with growing a business. In The Know nails this concept and has assembled some of the best content for growth and marketing on the web.”

Tim Sykes — CEO

“Awesome site, full of easy-to-follow advice and insight on marketing and growth! Keep up the good work!”

Lee Caraher – President & CEO

“Growing your business in today’s digital age is hard work and without the proper knowledge and tools, you’re flying blind. In The Know has assembled world class learning from experts in their field that is sure to help any growth professional gain the knowledge and skills needed to stay relevant and ahead of the curve.”

Brian Moran – CoFounder

“My team has no idea who the growth and marketing experts are and there is no way I can keep up with all the change nowadays. In The Know cuts through the clutter to help our team save a ton of time and money.”

Ike Stranathan — CEO

“In The Know is a fantastic education site for those who want to start learning about how to grow and scale any organization. Job well done Buckley!”

Eric Smith – CoFounder

“Looking for actionable learning to grow your organization? In The Know is a great resource for any new hire, executive or entrepreneur looking to drive big results.”

David Darmanin – CEO




I’m Buckley Barlow, the guy behind IN THE KNOW, a growth marketing learning hub geared to help you gain the relevant knowledge, learning and training needed to make a quick and sustainable impact in your career, your teams and your organization.

I’m a growth junkie who loves all things personal and professional growth. When I’m not busy building and growing new ventures, I roll up my sleeves to help the founders, executives and teams of emerging growth companies build, improve and grow. At In The Know, I love sharing actionable ideas, strategies and tactics that I’ve learned over the years from my own experience. I try to make the small things learnable so you can make the big things happen.

My first experience with hyper-growth (and economic bubbles) came when I was recruited to work for STSN, the 3rd fastest growing tech startup in the nation behind Google, where its revenues grew from $51,000 to just over $60mm in a few short years. Over the years, I’ve worked with big and small brands alike. As an entrepreneur, I’ve co-founded and exited multiple companies. As a consultant and active investor, I love helping forward-thinking, growth-oriented teams and organizations build, improve and grow.

I’m happily married to Charlotte with whom I have two wonderful little girls. I’m a “people- first”-kind-of-guy. Naturally curious with an insatiable appetite for learning, I’m equally at home traveling the world to meet new people, snow-skiing in the Rockies, scuba diving in warm waters, composing music (yes, I’m a piano guy), or in the kitchen with a bowl of Frosted Flakes, the ultimate comfort food. At the end of the day, Buckley is deeply committed to his family and strives to make a difference in the lives of others.


A New Actionable Style of Book For Forward-Thinking, Growth-Oriented Organizations, Teams, and Individuals, by Buckley Barlow of In The Know.