011: Greg Mercer, Creator Of JungleScout, Explains How To Use Data To Increase Profits On Amazon Sales

A successful Amazon seller can go from zero to several hundred thousand dollars in monthly sales in just three years – and Greg Mercer is proof. Three years ago, he was a civil engineer with a desk job he didn’t like, and today he’s living the life of a digital nomad with his wife, traveling the globe and pulling in the profits.

To streamline his own research, Greg created JungleScout, designed to help Amazon sellers find the data they need to increase their profits. This SaaS company is a fantastic example of finding a market that needs to be served and making it profitable – and Greg is still selling multiple products on Amazon, as well.

We got Greg to explain how he uses his tool – and how you can use it to break into this amazingly lucrative market. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to launch your Amazon business, that time is now, so I’ll see you on the Inside!


  • Why there’s still room to make profits as an Amazon seller. #Globalization
  • The biggest hurdle most new sellers face – and what that means for you. #Amazon
  • What @Greg looks for when choosing new products to launch on Amazon – and how @JungleScout can simplify tracking down that information.
  • How Greg’s Facebook ads have helped his business grow. #FacebookAds
  • The biggest mistake Greg sees Amazon sellers make – and how you can avoid doing the same. #ECommerce
  • The most important information Greg has for anyone who wants to break into the Amazon seller market. #AmazonSeller
  • The role Greg is looking to fill in his company right now – and how you can get it!
  • The other tools Greg recommends for Amazon sellers.

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