007: How To Build, Market, And Sell Online Courses To Create Recurring Revenue Streams With Greg Smith

What’s the first thing you do when you want to learn a new skill? You probably turn to the amazing Internet for answers. So why not tap into the power of online education and share some of your own specialized knowledge with others – and boost your bottom line at the same time?

A few years ago, Greg Smith needed a way to solve the technical issues that cropped up with his own online courses – and he wanted a marketing solution as well. So, he created the solution, and today he’s the founder and CEO of Thinkific – and you can reap the benefits of his hard work.

In this episode, Greg will show you just how simple it is to get started creating and marketing your own online courses – and he’ll explain just how it can help build your brand and your revenues.

Tune in for all the details! And be sure to visit Get.Thinkific.Com/InTheKnow to take advantage of the special offer Greg has just for Insiders!


  • What @Greg did before he got into online learning. #teachonline
  • How Greg and his brother came up with the name Thinkific. #OnlineLearning
  • The important distinctions between marketing physical and digital goods. #DigitalCommerce
  • What Thinkific can offer you that #Udemy can’t.
  • What Baby Boomers and #Millennials have in common.
  • The secret trick one course designer used to improve his sound quality cheaply. #OnlineCourse
  • Which tools Greg thinks newbies should buy – and which they shouldn’t spend money on.
  • How to price your course effectively to maximize sales. #Pricing

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