009: Use Your Customer Data To Convert Like Crazy With Justin Christianson

When you need to improve your conversions, you need to give it everything you’ve got. So when you find a company called Conversion Fanatics, those are the guys you want. Today, we have Justin Christianson, co-founder and president of the company, and he’s full of advice on how to convert prospects into customers through data-driven testing.

If you’re not paying attention to your data, and if you’re not using those insights to improve your conversions on a regular basis, you’re leaving money on the table – or worse, you’re spending money in the wrong places, with nothing to show for it. Justin sees this all the time, in both large and small companies.

Justin shares some of his favorite conversion tools and resources, and you’ll also hear about the most common mistakes businesses are making today in digital commerce. There’s a lot of actionable information you can put to use right away in your own business, so have a listen!


  • The $75 million dollar mistake @Justin saw one company make.
  • Why Justin thinks optimization needs to be part of a company’s DNA. #Optimizing
  • How Justin uses data to find holes in a marketing funnel. #DataScience
  • The approach Justin takes when evaluating a client’s opportunities for optimization. #CRO
  • How a data-driven approach can make up for a lack of major funding sources.
  • Two of Justin’s favorite metrics to measure – and why. #Metrics
  • The tools Justin uses every day to monitor and manage data.

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