002: How Ranking For A Single Keyword Could Add $100,000 To Your Bottom Line With Nick Eubanks

Nick Eubanks says he never planned to make any money from blogging. His blog had just 47 posts when one particular rant started gaining traction. Because Nick is an SEO expert, he noticed the traffic boost and worked it – and worked it some more. And almost without trying, he created a commercially viable property that sold for $100,000. Not bad for a site that wasn’t built as a money maker.

On today’s episode, Nick talks about the importance of search intent, the psychology of SEO, and the SEO mistake he sees even highly experienced marketers making, again and again. He also shares a 3-step formula for creating a site that will sell based on SEO, as well as how you need to incorporate low-volume searches throughout your modern marketing funnel.

Because Nick is an SEO guru, I grilled him on the tools he uses – and how he uses them – to boost his own sites and his clients’ sites in the rankings. You’ll hear why he prefers some tools to others, and what information he considers when crafting an SEO strategy. You’ll find lots of actionable information here, and plenty of tips you can put to use on your own site right away. See you on the Inside!


  • The one keyword phrase that made @Nick’s blog commercially viable.
  • The role search intent plays in creating a ranking site. #SEO #SearchIntent
  • Why you should care about the psychology of SEO. #UserIntent
  • What you need to know about keyword volume – and the mistake most people make.
  • The search terms you need to incorporate throughout your marketing funnel. #Funnel
  • How Nick uses the information he finds to determine the best keyword strategies. #KeywordStrategy
  • The connection between pumpkins and SEO.
  • The tools Nick and his team rely on for SEO research – and how they use them. #Keywords #KeywordResearch
  • What many people don’t realize about lag time in Google’s Keyword Planner – and the tool you can use to overcome that lag. #KeywordPlanner
  • The strategy Nick uses when a page isn’t delivering results.





It’s great to be back, and I’m so glad you’re joining us for Season Two of In The Know. Don’t forget to tune in next week to hear the second half of my talk with Nick – he’ll tell us how he used his strategies to build an 8-figure business. As always, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter – and if you’re on my email list you can hit reply to any message I send you to get in touch. I love connecting with Insiders, and I’m so excited to answer any questions you have and to hear what’s on your mind.

That’s a wrap, Insiders – see you next week!