018: How To Build An 8-Figure Business In Any Niche With Tim Sykes

Timothy Sykes turned a tennis injury into a million dollar business (which is now a $15M business), so in this episode I get to talk about how he turned his passion into an 8 figure empire.

Tim’s story is awesome, because he figured out that his niche offered limited growth opportunities, and he figured out that a small shift in strategy let him create something truly scalable that still lets him do what he loves. This is a strategy you can apply in literally any niche, so I’m really excited to share it with you.

If you’ve been listening to the show and wondering if your business can get the kind of growth we talk about, the answer is YES. Just listen to what Tim has already done — and what he still plans to do — and you’ll see the possibilities for yourself.


  • @Buckley and @Tim talk a little tennis to kick things off.
  • How an injury changed the course of Tim Syke’s life.
  • What prompted Tim to shift gears and move into training and education. #DigitalEducation
  • What you need in order to create a business with real growth potential. #GrowthMarketing
  • The surprising ritual Tim used to follow before television appearances.
  • How Tim finds the partners he works with to build his brand and his business.
  • The channel Tim almost ignored that’s currently his number one growth generator.
  • The start-up strategies Tim recommends that don’t cost a lot of money.
  • How Tom uses his lifestyle to encourage his students to learn. #Instagram
  • Tim’s top tip for growth.

So, Insiders, think about this: Timothy Skyes is the undisputed King of Penny Stock Trading, and he told us here on the show that he makes more money from education than he ever made trading. I hope you’ll take his advice on creating a scalable business based on your passion.

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