003: How An SEO Expert Builds An Ecommerce Site With Nick Eubanks

Wow. No, really, wow. When I finished this conversation with Nick Eubanks, I was almost overwhelmed. This guy knows his stuff – and he is going to get you In the Know with SEO like you won’t believe.

There’s a lot of information packed into this episode. You’ll hear the strategies and tactics Nick uses daily in his own 8-figure business – the way he sets up his site hierarchy, the tools he uses, and how he uses the data he collects regularly.

You’ll also learn some of the hard truths about designing a site for SEO. Here’s a spoiler: it won’t make you popular with your development team – but they will love the payoff in the end. In addition, you’ll learn what Nick recommends for digital commerce sites that want to start testing and tweaking SEO, even without reams of data.

Finally, Nick shares two amazing pieces of advice for anyone working in digital commerce today, plus his completely surprising answer to the question “Who would you hire today?” It’s an answer I’ve never heard from any other guest! See you on the inside!


  • The SEO strategy @Nick is rolling out on his own site in the next few months. #GoogleSearch
  • A critical key to understanding what works and what doesn’t in SEO. #SEO
  • The kind of link Nick thinks is the best for any site.
  • Why your development team might hate you – and why you should be okay with that.
  • The one reason most people don’t succeed with SEO. #SEOProblems
  • The tool that allows Nick’s site to make an enormous amount of money. #eCommerce
  • Nick’s best SEO growth hacks that anyone can implement. #GrowthHacking
  • The biggest SEO mistake people make in digital commerce. #SEOMistakes






I hope you were as wowed as I was by this episode! Let me know what you think – you can reach me on Facebook and Twitter anytime. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this episode, and be sure to send me any questions you have or suggestions for future episodes, too!

That’s a wrap, Insiders – see you next week!