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I’m Buckley Barlow, the guy behind IN THE KNOW, a growth marketing learning hub geared to help you gain the relevant knowledge, learning and training needed to make a quick and sustainable impact in your career, your teams and your organization.

I’m also the host of the IN THE KNOW podcasts where I can feed my selfish desire to “Be In The Know.” I talk with leading growth professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs, strategists, consultants and technologists about the specific things they do to make more money for their own business and for their clients. Basically, you get to hear about the very same strategies, tactics, tools, and systems the big guns are using to get incredible results — but you don’t have to pay the big consulting fees.

The world of modern “marketing” and “growth” is a jungle. Navigating your way through this maze can be intimidating when you’re trying to start a new business, grow a business or transform and scale an existing traditional business into a digital leader. My goal is to help you learn how the many different pieces of the growth and marketing puzzle fit together. I like focusing on specific case studies to simplify things and make it easy to understand what’s working, when it’s working, how it’s working, and HOW WELL it’s working.

I also talk openly about what’s NOT working, so you don’t waste time, money, and resources on dead ends.

Have you ever wondered…


  • How do I build a marketing and sales funnel?
  • How can I use marketing automation and segmentation to build a customer-centric buying experience?
  • How do I establish a growth framework in our company’s culture?
  • And many more growth and marketing questions…
  • … then you’ve come to the right place.

is a learning hub for those tasked with growing an organization. The content is uniquely curated in “Learning Paths” across multiple formats. From top to bottom of the funnel — we’ve curated a great content mix to jump-start your growth marketing education.

bigLightbulbOUR WHY
There is a sense of purpose by empowering and positioning people for growth.

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We provide a unique approach to learning how to  build sustainable growth.

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You’ll find great content in an original and curated mix by way of Learning Paths.

I’ve spent the last decade in the trenches building, growing, buying, investing in, advising, and selling various businesses. IN THE KNOW was created to be a valuable resource for growth and marketing professionals looking to learn actionable strategies and tactics on topics like Data Driven Marketing or Content Promotion. Ultimately, the driving force behind this site is to provide insights into the strategies, tactics, tools, resources, ideas, systems and models that ultimately move the revenue and profit needle north.

Growth marketing is different than just marketing. It’s different than just growth, a term typically associated with SaaS business models. Growth marketing is about using the best elements of ideation, iteration, timing, data, systems, people, and platforms and having the freedom (backed by data) to take risks — and watching them pay off with big rewards. A growth marketer recognizes that traditional marketing was designed for big companies — and as such, doesn’t always work for start-ups, small businesses and emerging growth companies looking to grow and scale. Instead, growth marketing looks for that single opportunity — and pounces. Growth marketers do things that traditional marketers might scoff at when they’re feeling generous — and they get called crazy a lot. But growth marketers are okay with that, because what we a growth marketer does gets results. Often amazing results.

The reality is that nowadays, marketing has become technical, data-driven and highly entrepreneurial based on a customer-centric growth model.

img-1Eric Smith,
Founder of Control4,
Angel Investor

I have now known Buckley for the better part of two decades. He is a really smart entrepreneur who has a constant sense of enthusiasm that is infectious. He also has what I consider to be the best skill any executive can have: He never gives up and doggedly goes after whatever it is he needs to take his business to the next step. I have seen him create results where I saw no opportunities. I also am proud to call him a friend after all these years. ”

I’ve always had a fascination with new technologies, channels, tools, tactics, and platforms — pretty much all the things that turn business goals and strategies into reality. I’m the guy who anxiously awaits — and then thoroughly dissects — the issue of Inc 500 that showcases America’s Fastest Growing Companies. For me, that’s a pretty wild afternoon!

I also host a podcast and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not looking to make a career out of podcasting. This experience is WAY out there for me, but, I’m all about change and doing things “just because”. If ever we need to be an expert at anything, it’s CHANGE. It’s exciting to keep my listeners (or, as I like to call them, Insiders) IN THE KNOW about the constantly changing and evolving marketing landscape. In a way, the Podcast is simply the updated version of what I’ve always done.

I used to spend thousands of dollars on meals and entertainment every month just for a chance to meet the movers and shakers. When you hang out with the smart people — the ones who are crushing it, walking the walk — when you rub shoulders with them, you get smarter, too. You get to hear their ideas and insights, and if you’re lucky, you can even get some specific advice for your own business. It’s like having 100 mentors all at once.

My podcast lets me go beyond traditional borders to interview some really amazing talent — and to share their message with a much broader audience.



By showing you — step by step — how to build and implement a modern-day growth marketing engine that puts you ahead of the pack. In today’s digital world, where the majority of your customers reside, leading companies are transforming their traditional business strategy and tactics into an integrated digital growth marketing engine. An engine, you ask? Yes, an engine.

Traditional marketing systems for large companies are loosely interconnected. The costs and complexity associated with reaching a massive audience at that scale can be astronomical. But here’s the flip side: The technology that’s out there today is advancing at lightning speed. So while the big firms and even the mid-size companies are still evaluating their next moves and implementing expensive — but oftentimes outdated — systems, you can spot the niche markets, get in fast, and scale up your growth engines quickly with innovative entrepreneurial marketing tactics that take advantage of the very latest tools and technologies.

“So, Buckley,” you may be asking, “What exactly is a digital marketing engine, and how can I use one to drive my business forward?” Let me give you a very quick primer.


A Digital Marketing Engine Primer

What I call an engine is simply an integrated strategic and tactical plan based on People, Process, and Platforms. That’s it. It sounds simple, but it can be complex, frustrating — and expensive, if it’s not done right. The good news is that new startups and small companies can get up and running far more easily than a big firm can.

peoplePeopleattract prospects, gain leads, and ensure that customers become loyal advocates for your brand.

processProcessthe strategies and workflows that actually run the engine.

plat-formPlatform software systems, social channels, and other tools to create efficiencies of scale

When you put your People, Process, and Platform together, you can focus ON the business rather than IN the business. You have the marketing engine you need to close sales, drive revenue, and drive profit. After all, no matter what metric you want to achieve, your goal is to make more money.



People, whether 1 or 1000, manage the engine. They start at the top of the traditional sales funnel and lead prospects in.

Your People need to attract prospects, gain leads, and ensure that customers become loyal advocates for your brand. But your marketing engine needs to close sales, drive revenue, and drive profit. After all, no matter what metric you want to achieve, your goal is to make more money.



Think of Marketing as an Engine, not as an Individual Campaign or Silo.

When you’re a startup or a solo online marketer, you can easily ensure that your Process runs smoothly, and that all the pieces are part of a whole that works together. In big companies, dozens of people are forced to try to coordinate between various departments and cross-functioning teams. It’s inefficient — and it often makes real collaboration impossible.


Your Process comprises the strategies and workflows that actually run the engine: lead generation strategy, content marketing strategy, SEO strategy, social media strategy. Everything you do in your business is a process, but it’s how you combine those discrete processes into a comprehensive whole that is the key to driving growth.


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Your Platform encompasses the software systems, social channels, and other tools you use not only to get the job done, but also to gather and evaluate information. The right software will let you drill down to see WHERE your best customers reside, HOW they are buying from you, WHY they are buying from you and WHEN they are buying from you. Via your platform, you get efficiencies of scale that let you reduce your marketing costs dramatically and improve your ROI exponentially. Traditional outbound channels, with their limited metrics and analytics, can’t compete.

Paul Smoot of Modernized Media

quotesGreyBuckley Barlow is a truly unique talent who not only understands entrepreneurial marketing but has a proven track record in successfully launching new businesses that last.”

Paul Smoot,  CEO Trail Break Group/Modernized Media


Paul Smoot,  CEO Trail Break Group/Modernized Media

Paul Smoot of Modernized Media

Buckley Barlow is a truly unique talent who not only understands entrepreneurial marketing but has a proven track record in successfully launching new businesses that last.”

logo-4 The Modern Marketing Funnel Marketing has changed and the modern sales funnel functions completely differently from its antiquated grandfather. Think of the old sales funnel as an old fashioned telephone, with an earpiece you lifted, a rotary dial, and a shared party line. Sure, it served a purpose once upon a time, but why would anyone use it today, given the alternatives? Today, at every step of the process, in each level of the marketing funnel, the prospect is experiencing something. And you have the power to control that experience — down to the tiniest details — and drive your prospect exactly in the direction you want him to go — so that he not only becomes a customer, but he becomes an engaged customer.

Marketing Funnel


Marketers need to think about the audience first









You need a digital marketing engine to drive your sales to new heights, but there’s also another piece of this puzzle you need. Think of it as the key you use to start your engine. And that key? Well, that’s story alignment. That’s StoryVesting.

logo-4 StoryVesting

Your story is the core of your digital marketing strategy. You can’t fake it. It has to be real — and you have to believe it with all your heart. Customers can smell an inauthentic story a mile away. They’re smart. They don’t want you to sell them something. They don’t want you to push your products at them again and again. They want to be a part of the story. They want to feel that they are your brand. They want to believe. Your story goes beyond the concept of Product/Market fit or Brand Alignment. Story is about the Why, How, and What behind your product or service. Story makes up your processes, the experience you offer your customer, and how your employees feel about and communicate it. That’s the power of your story and your modern customer wants — demands, actually — an immersive and sublime buying experience and if you don’t give it to them, someone else will. When you get that perfect fit, that matchup, between your story and your customer’s story — that is, when your solution perfectly aligns with your ideal customer’s need, pain point or want and it’s delivered when, how and where your buyer wants it — you’re poised to hit that massive growth spot. That foundation of story alignment is what I like to call StoryVesting.



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eirckJonathan Virgin,
Co-Founder, Modernized Media

Working with Buckley means you will never have a shortage of great ideas and solid strategy. I’ve never worked with someone who’s had quite the same knack for accurate, big-picture thinking. In addition, Buckley is a highly creative and visually talented individual who can execute famously on a presentation that is both beautiful and enticing.”

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I know how busy you are, because I’ve been in your shoes. Whether you’re a rising star, an ambitious executive building your team or a busy business owner or entrepreneur trying to make your mark, delivering consistent growth isn’t easy. You barely have time to eat — you certainly can’t waste hours scrolling through websites and watching hours of how-to videos to get 10 minutes of worthwhile info. That’s why I created In The Know so you can gain quick, reliable, relevant answers and training you need to bridge the gap between “I really want/need to deliver results” and, “Wow, I’m really making an impact.”

I can bridge that gap for you or your organization with relevant, accessible learning, training, mentoring, consulting, and other personalized programs that will get you and your teams where you want to be. Join our community to find the insights you need via our blog, newsletter, podcast, freeware, courseware, coaching and consulting.

About Buckley Barlow

Buckley Barlow is the founder of IN THE KNOW, a growth marketing education and learning hub geared to help those tasked with growth gain the relevant knowledge, learning and training needed to make a quick and sustainable impact in their career, their teams and their organization. He is the host of the IN THE KNOW podcasts where he dives in with leading growth professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs, strategists, consultants and technologists to explore specific strategies, tactics, tools, and systems used to drive incredible results.

Buckley’s first experience with hyper-growth (and economic bubbles) came when he was recruited as an early team member to STSN, the 3rd fastest growing tech startup in the nation behind Google, whose revenues grew from $51,000 to just over $60mm in a few short years. He has worked with Apple, Microsoft, Toyota, Nestle, HP, American Express, Marriott, and Carlson-Wagonlit. As an entrepreneur, Buckley has co-founded and exited multiple companies. As a consultant and active investor, he rolls up his sleeves to help organizations build, implement, and optimize growth marketing models.  In addition to his work at In The Know, he often advises emerging companies as Head of Growth/Marketing.

Buckley is happily married to Charlotte with whom he has two wonderful little girls. His personal creed is, “People first.” Naturally curious with an insatiable appetite for learning, Buckley is equally at home traveling the world to meet new people, snow-skiing in the Rockies, scuba diving in warm waters, composing music (yes, he’s a piano guy), or in the kitchen with a bowl of Frosted Flakes, the ultimate comfort food. At the end of the day, Buckley is deeply committed to his family and strives to make a difference in the lives of others.